Few Tips To Have Effective Bond Back Cleaning

Moving to a new place can be very hectic as people have to devote their entire time to either packing or cleaning the property. But some people find it very tiring and often think that why we should clean the house when it is not ours anymore? Well, there are mainly two reasons, one is to get the bond money back and other is to make the house presentable for the new arriving tenants. Below are the few tips that can help to have an effective end of lease bond cleaning.


One can start with the rounds inside the house to inspect the areas that need a thorough cleaning. This way, inconspicuous spaces will be noticed in detail and it will become easy to plan for the cleaning routine or procedures.

Preparing a Check-List

After introspecting the entire house, a checklist or a to-do list should be prepared where all the activities to be done and how has to be done should be mentioned. This way, renters can save their time and energy by knowing what and how has to be done.

Cleaning the Carpet

Renters can start with the cleaning and dusting of the rugs and carpets inside the house. Vacuuming and washing them helps to remove the sturdy dust and spots as floors and carpets take most of the abuse throughout the day.

Cleaning All the Fixtures and Fittings

The next is to wipe and dust all the fixtures like door-knobs, electrical fittings, and attached shelves carefully to remove the accumulated spots and dust with a foam duster or rug. Make sure all the electrical items like fans, bulb, and switches are in working condition and are not wrecked with an overuse.

Cleaning the Windows

Another way to make the house look attractive and vibrant is by allowing the sunlight to walk in. For that, glass windows need to be cleaned and washed in order to enhance their shine for the new tenants.

Cleaning the Walls

The house can look fresh with the washing and cleaning of the walls of the interior as well as exterior. By taking a mild solution and a microfiber, the dust and spots can be tarnished in no time. For the grease and oil stains, the white chalk can be rubbed over those stains and later can be removed with the microfiber dusters.

Professionals of Bond Back Cleaning

When time is less and the stains are hard to remove, there are professionals of the end of lease bond cleaning who can match the checklist within time and budget.