The History of Duvets in Modern Times

In the mid of 1800s, the bed Duvet has become a popular form of bed-covering especially in Northern Europe. At that time people started using duvet as an alternate of heavy-wool blankets. We really don't know the exact time period of its invention. But some people think that duvets have been invented in the mid of 1700. Others believe that the Chinese people were the first who use the duvets in 3000 BC and that was filled with pure silk. In 1700, German people started to use duvets, but at that time it was not available in the market for sale purpose.

Thomas Nugent, an English writer was on a Grand-Tour of Europe In 1749. At that time he revealed in his writings, that the European families use the different types of duvets like winter duvets, summer duvets and 10.5 tog duvets sets. He also noted that the in Westphalia people were not using blankets instead they were using covered mattresses with a next feather bed. The slim feather bed was actually a duvet that was filled with down feathers of ducks. Usually, duck feathers were considered to be a brilliant insulator for warmth. At that time, these bed coverings were being used by lots of people throughout Europe.

During the nineteenth century into the twentieth century, the United-Kingdom was not really interested in duvets, because at that time the use of quilt was spreading in Europe and Scandinavia. In these areas people prefer to use quilt as compared to duvets because they were insulated very well for protecting people in cold winter nights. Talking about British people some of them started using duvets, but most of them continued using blankets, sheets and bed-throws.

During the years of hard times after the 2nd World War, in the 1960's, the British people accepted the duvets made by Scandinavia. The days of having household servants were gone and with the passage of time people realize that British bedding designs and ways have become more impractical. With the boost in furniture retail stores all over the country, the duvets were replaced with blankets in most of the homes and people prefer to use blankets.

In 1970, the duvets were in a trend, especially in Britain and were called the Continental-Quilt. In 1964, Terence Conran becomes the first person who marketed the duvets in Britain, he also discovered that the duvets were being used in Sweden. These days' duvets are made up of many fillings and layers with natural feathers, Alpaca and also hand made polyester. The fillings of Alpaca are much better in quality because of their comfort level and allergy free feature. The duvet itself is made up of cotton blends.

In modern times, we can't even think about a life without a duvet as they are being used as bed covers, comfort and for twisting up on the sofa. These duvets are available in different styles, designs, materials, width and fillings that could be used throughout the season. They are available in heavy weights also, especially designed for colder months and in light weights for the spring and summer months.