3 Reasons Why It's Better to Buy a Diesel RV

There are multiple factors to consider when purchasing your first RV. Apart from the common questions about make, model, and color, one question that will weigh on your mind is, Should I buy a gas or a diesel RV? On the surface, this is seemingly a straightforward question, but dig a little deeper, and you will come across contradictory statements. Some claim that diesel is the best option, while others swear by gas motor homes. However, in the course of our research, we found that diesel motor homes commonly possess more features - features that prove useful for RV owners. Check out some of these below:

1. Reduce the Strain on Your RV with More Torque

Torque is the reason why your vehicle can climb uphill and carry heavy loads steadily down the road. The higher the torque, the better your motor home is at moving over a variety of terrain. And when you invest in a diesel engine, you get a lot more torque than gas. So, not only does your rig handle uphill routes smoothly, but is equally adept at going downhill. You also need more torque if you plan on towing another vehicle. Thus, diesel engines reduce the strain on your RV when you're towing large weights or traversing hills. As a result, your engine can take it easy and obtain a better mile per gallon average compared to gas.

2. Experience More Luxury and Comfort

Diesel RVs are the better choice if you want more features for your money. Owing to their design and construction, these vehicles provide certain amenities over gas engine coaches. And these are not components that you can add at a later stage because there is no way to integrate them into a gas-powered unit. A good example of such a part is a pac brake. Pac brakes are exhaust brakes, and they are indispensable if you're planning to visit mountainous regions. These safety additions reduce the wear and tear on your braking system by using the weight of your vehicle's engine to slow down your RV when you're driving down steep slopes.

A diesel motor home is also more comfortable than a gas RV and has fewer flaws. You get nicer interiors along with higher quality components, which is something that will appeal to full-time RV-ers.

3. Improved Construction

Diesel engines are heavier than their gas counterparts, which accounts for the heavier construction of these vehicles. Diesel RVs have chassis that are stronger and more durable, along with thicker walls. This could be the reason why they last up to three times longer than gas engines.

Diesel RVs are comparatively better at filtering out noise and handling road vibrations as well, giving passengers the sensation of flying in an airplane instead of driving down the highway. Moreover, diesel engines are situated at the rear of the motor home, thereby minimizing engine noise and lowering the temperature of rigs. Diesel pumps are quicker at filling tanks, which means you spend less time at truck stops.

A diesel RV is a great investment and one that you will not regret. Not only do these models offer more features to buyers, but their longevity makes them ideal for both new RV-ers and veterans. So, buy a diesel RV and experience the best that the motor home industry has to offer.