Car Body Paint Damage - Factors Stated by VW Repair Pros

Car is one of the most valuable assets in our life. It needs a huge investment in buying a brand new car. Once you buy it, in a natural way it would receive dirt and dust after running on the road. With the passage of time, the condition of its body paint would be deteriorated. But, are you aware of the fact that there are some factors that speed up the process of damage of a car's exterior paint? If not, then go through the article below and know what VW repair specialists of shops based in Perth say about it.


Kids find it funny to make figures on the body of the car with their fingertips. If the vehicle has layer of dust, the figures appears more prominently. But, they don't understand its negative impact on the paint of the motor. Dust gets stuck and creates invisible scratches and ultimately damage the paint. So, try to keep children away from doing it.

Stone chips:

Stone chips are not only deadly for the lower part of a vehicle, they also damage the exterior paint also. When you drive it through a rough road or if you park it carelessly, then be ready to witness the loss. Scratch, mark and dent would definitely leave visible signs of harm.

Tree sap:

Want to save your asset from the scorching heat of the sun? Looking for a shaded location to park it? Yes, nothing can be more affordable and safe place for a motor during the hot days of summer. But, do you know that storing a car for a long duration under a tree can affect its body paint very poorly? Yes, if you notice carefully then you may find the spots of tree sap. Acids present in it can damage the body paint the material also. So, don't keep it under tree for longer and if you can't avoid it, clean the sap as soon as possible.

Neglecting cleaning and following wrong process:

The mistake or say negligence that affects the exterior paint of a car most is the matter of cleaning. Sometimes, we simply ignore it or sometimes, adopt wrong method. Irregular cleaning allows dust and dirt to spoil the paint. And if you use improper materials, tools or put unnecessary pressure, the paint and outer material would naturally be damaged.

Water spots:

You may think that putting your asset outside on a rainy day would shed the burden of cleaning it very easily. But, remaining droplets of water would leave stain and would mar the shiny look. If you find any watermark, remove it immediately and save the body paint of your car suggest the VW repair professionals at shops.

Direct sunlight:

Sunlight is the biggest enemy of paint, whether it is of building, vehicle or dress. It accelerates the fading and makes the paint pale, flaky and peeling. The best way to avoid it is to keep your motor protected from direct sunlight and to use wax. It creates a barrier between the paint and the outer elements.