Chin Augmentation - Facial Enhancement

Back in the days, people make use of makeups to cover up their facial flaws and enhance the facial profile but nowadays, it has become a very simple solution with the arrival of the chin augmentation. The chin augmentation provides a long-lasting solution to the facial flaw. The chin augmentation can help enhance the projection of a receding chin and make it look better.

The chin augmentation is in two forms and they both give the chin more prominence and contour. They both require incisions to be made. However, while one technique involves introducing an implant, the other involves shifting the chin bone. The chin augmentation does not obstruct jaw or bite function in any manner. The advantages of these procedures are that it helps achieve a balance between the chin and other structures of the face and gives the face more youth. The chin augmentation takes not more than an hour to complete, so they make a good option for those with hectic schedules.

The Chin Augmentation Surgery

The chin augmentation procedures can be safely performed upon persons as young as seventeen to eighteen years of age. Though it may seem to give you a small improvement from outside it is meant to principally enhance the profile of your face. The chin augmentation is a surgery of choice for patients with normally functioning jaw and teeth development. There is, however, a specialized surgery which is known as a sliding genioplasty.

Chin augmentation should be a rather simple, direct medical technique. It is done by making a little incision either within the small crease line under the chin or within the mouth where the lower lip and the teeth meet. In order to stop shifting or implant movements, a small pocket will be fashioned on top of the bone accurately the size of the implant. The implant will then be inserted in the pocket under the skin. After this, the incision will be closed with stitches which will be taken out within around 5 days. But they will use dissolvable stitches that will not necessitate removal of the implant was placed in the mouth.

This procedure does not take the whole day to perform but it will require you to have an overnight hospital stay. Though there are some such as those that involve using facial filler injections that do not require any recovery time.

There are risk factors associated with the chin augmentation. One of these hazards is an infection and they can be tackled with the use of antibiotics. But in case this does not work out, the implant could possibly be taken out at a future date and replaced.