Why There Is A Popularity For The Rise Of Vaser Lipo

3D Body Contouring Results With VASER Hi Def Liposculpture

This new form of body contouring procedure is used for removing the stubborn fat from the body and Hi-Def technique is used for people who are physically fit and healthy but wants to get rid of eliminating the stubborn fat from the body and also to achieve more definition to the structure of their body. In simpler words, this hi-def technique is removing the excess fat from area of body and then injecting those emulsified fat into the areas of the body which requires padding.

Success Of The Procedure Depends On The Physician's Caliber

VASER Hi-Def Lipo uses and utilizes the same technology that is used for liposuction where the excess fat is liquefied by using the advanced ultrasonic energy. Using this technology for body contouring, surgeon proceeds in eliminating the superficial and deep fat around the certain muscle groups such as pecs, abs, glutes and lats in order to make the underlying musculature more visibly noticeable. The whole procedure and the results depend upon the caliber of the surgeon. The surgeon uses his judgments and skill to decide which fat cells to be taken out and which fat to leave behind and if there is any place that needs some extra additional fat. This way the surgeon able to obtain the desired aesthetic aim of the patient and also contour making the patient appear and feel his best.

Benefits Of VASER Liposuction

The most common reason behind popularity of VASER Lipo is that it requires very little to time to perform as well as recover from the procedure. The patients can resume back to their normal lives just within few days since VASER is a minimally non invasive form of cosmetic surgery. This is a popular way of fat emulsification because patient can undergo the whole procedure fully conscious and awake with a complete sense of what is been done. The entire procedure is performed under the administration of general anesthesia, where it poses less complications and risks to the patient than surgeries which requires general anesthesia or under sedation.

Another benefit of VASER lipo treatment is that of its less pain produced than that of conventional way of fat removal procedure and as a result, many patients can easily walk out of the surgical facility. Majority of the patients don't feel anything while the procedure is being performed. Of course, minor swelling and bruising will be there which is very normal with any kind of surgery.