What's it Like to Study an Nvq Level 2 Beauty Therapy Course?

If you're thinking of becoming a beauty therapist, a diploma qualification is a great way to get on the path to achieving your goals. An NVQ Level 2 in Beauty Therapy is a nationally recognised qualification, and one that you can undertake without any prior experience in the field.

Unlike many other courses, you won't need to commit to a full-time schedule, nor will it take you all year to complete. The NVQ usually takes around 16 weeks to complete, providing a fast-track route to your goal of becoming a qualified practitioner. In a matter of months, you could be practicing your new skills on real clients.

Once you are certified to practice, you will be able to apply to work in a salon, spa or hotel as a junior practitioner. Alternatively, you might decide to set up a side business, or open your own salon. Once you have obtained this qualification, you can move on to studying the Level 3 NVQ or enrol in specialist training, such as a Nail Technician course, to help broaden your skillset.

You don't need to worry about fitting the course around your existing commitments, as you will usually only need to attend one class per week. Some schools even offer training during evenings or at weekends, which is ideal if you're still working full time in your existing role.

The rest of the time you will need to study at home to make sure you're keeping on top of your workload, which does require some free time and a certain amount of self-disciple. You will receive support from your tutor, however, and you should be able to contact them for help outside of class.

So, what will the course actually teach you? A Level 2 Beauty Therapy NVQ will cover all the basics, including warm and hot waxing, skincare regimes, make-up, nail treatments, eyelash extensions, eyebrow treatments and much more.

Laser treatments and IPL will likely require their own separate qualifications, so this is something to look in to if you're thinking about working in this area. These skills will not typically be covered as part of a Level 2 NVQ.

The training programme will include a combination of practical and theory, requiring you to submit both written work and examples of your skills in practice.

Assessment is ongoing and will be based on practical demonstrations and online homework. You will also be required to undertake theory tests that will give your tutor an idea about how much you're learning and whether you need any additional support.

At the end of the course, you will need to sit an end of unit exam covering all the areas of your education so far. Don't panic if you're not an exam person, as you will have plenty of time to prepare. The results of this exam will make up a large part of your overall grade, as will your continual assessment work, so you should put equal effort into both.

Your assessment work (including examples of your skills in practice, as well as samples of learned techniques) will be presented in a portfolio at the end of the course, which will be assessed alongside your exam paper. This will serve as evidence of your capabilities and can be taken to interviews once you start looking for work in the industry.

Once you are qualified, you could choose to further your education by taking the Level 3 NVQ, or else you can start working as a Junior Beauty Therapist and undertake further training on the job. You should look for jobs in the beauty, nail and retail cosmetics sector, as well as those in day spas, hotels and other relevant fields.