Good Bread Along With Freshly Made And Decorated Cakes Are The Best Treats

In India, baking studios attract bakers and beginners in cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Jaipur, Kolkata, etc. These baking and chocolate making studios are set up to impart the accurate and complete knowledge in the domain of 'bakery'. You have the privilege of selecting a completely eggless course or can enroll in numerous other courses that suit your timings. Wisk, one of the best baking and cake decorating classes in Mumbai, has been educating beginners and professionals. Here one can learn innovative ideas, share experiences and expand the orbit of their knowledge. Many of the students, who have learned their skills at Wisk, run popular classes and bakeries today.

At a baking studio, you are taught the basic skills that are required to bake a cake. With the right details and guidance, the instructors help you to shape cakes with their step-by-step lectures and demonstrations. Thus, a cake decorating course teaches how to get started and the decorating tools and supplies needed.

The cake decorating classes help you to generate a creative work of art on the creamy/foamy canvas that ought to surprise your family and friends. Your creation will be the recent talk that can inspire you to be the official cake decorator. Discover incredible techniques, innumerable delicious recipes and cake decorating methods to make your creation look beautiful and attractive.

The secret of exotic tasty chocolates is based on blending accurate flavours with dark chocolate. For those with a 'sweet tooth,' the authentic knowledge of their first love (chocolate) pulls them towards Chocolate Making Classes where they eagerly rummage through various techniques and secrets of chocolate making.

A professional baking and chocolate studio appoints renowned chefs who are the bosses of their respective field. They are known pioneers in the field of baking and cake decorating. Under their mentorship, the students gain vast knowledge and craftsmanship.

Chocolate making classes are not just 'demo' classes. The aspirants are taught to make their own chocolates and mould them. At these hands-on interactive chocolate making classes you get to know about the following essentials:

● Recognise the right temperature and crystallization points of chocolate.

● Know the right procedure of melting chocolate, the required room temperature, the effects of humidity and the refrigerator temperature.

● To deal with common problems faced in places with humid and tropical climate.

● Learn to add flavours and add colour to your chocolate.

● Know the various types of moulds and equipment.

● Learn the right tactics to fill the moulds.

Chocolates are tasty and delicious! The ones that are available at the stores may be filled with unhealthy ingredients. Create your own chocolate in different ways by adding flavours and fillings.

Given below is a simple way to make chocolate.

¼ cup - cocoa powder

200g - milk powder

1cup - sugar

½ cup - water

¼ cup - butter


Add sugar to water and bring it to boil. Remove from the stove and add butter to it. After the butter has melted, add milk powder and cocoa powder and blend them all evenly. Pour the melted chocolate into moulds and let it set.

You can also stuff your chocolate with various fillings. Some of the fillings often demanded by customers are:

● Soft centers

● Nuts

● Raisin

● Fruit pastes

● Truffle

● Caramel

Why pay for these expensive bakery and confectionery products when you can create beautifully baked and decorated centerpieces and an assortment of flavorsome chocolates in your own kitchen.