Glomus Jugulare Brain Tumour - Symptoms And Treatment in Bihar, India


A Glomus Jugulare tumour is a type of brain tumour in the skull cavity. The area of the skull affected by this type of tumour is called the jugular foramen, which is located on the temporal bone, the bones on the side of the skull, or the temples. Surgical removal by a neurosurgeon is usually needed for treatment. You can find brain tumour treatment in Darbhanga if you live in or around Bihar and Jharkhand.

Nature of the Glomus Jugulare tumour

These tumours are nearly always benign or non-cancerous, but because of their presence in a sensitive location they can cause hearing loss, problems with swallowing, and facial paralysis. They are called Glomus Jugulare tumours, because they form in the glomus cells of the jugular foramen, as mentioned above. These are specialized cells found in blood vessels and along nerves, which act to detect changes in the bloodstream, such as the presence of a certain chemical or a change in temperature. They can also respond to changes by releasing hormones.


Symptoms of the glomus jugulare tumour are related to the ear and the face because of its location. These include:

Large tumours, in addition to the above mentioned symptoms, cause symptoms like:

Certain tumours may also produce hormones that cause additional symptoms like:


Surgery is the only real form of treatment, but it can be done with or without a combination of other treatments. Treatment options include:

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