Stay Safe From Flu This Season With Copper Utensils

So what are the reasonable methods which you can use to minimize the chances of being hit by the flu bug while not doing much?

Keeping your hands clean

Washing your hands and keeping them clean is one of the best prevention methods against flu or cold. Throughout the day we touch so many surfaces and things which carry a lot of germs and those germs cling to our hands. When we touch our face and mouth, nose, etc., the germs get transferred to our body. Regularly washing your hands minimizes the chances of spreading these germs.

Covering your face while sneezing

We have all been taught since our childhood that we should always cover our face while sneezing or coughing. Not only this is a basic etiquette but it also prevents the germs from spreading. In fact, a better option is to sneeze into the crook of your sleeve or elbow. This way the chances of spreading germs to others get minimized to a great extent. This method really works because the chances of you touching someone with your elbow are almost negligible.

Eat a well-balanced diet

Eating a well-balanced diet is very important during the flu and cold season. Food is the medicine which helps in building a healthy immune system which protects us from infections. Eat foods which are warm and home cooked, such soups and stews. Such food items are easy to prepare and you can add almost anything to them based on your preferences. Avoid cold drinks or eating raw, cold meals as they disturb the equilibrium of the body. Always remember that your body imitates nature. So when it is cold outside, you need something warm to comfort the body.

Also staying active during winter months is very important. Regular physical activity increases the blood flow and keeps the muscles moving which is great for your immunity. If it is too cold in the area where you live, try to find out indoor activities which will keep your body moving such as Pilates, Yoga or Tai Chi. You can also go up and down the stairs or do stretches. During the winter months avoid indulging in strenuous activities and instead keep it calm and relaxed.

Drink copper treated water

Copper is a natural antimicrobial agent as well as an immunity booster. There have been studies to prove that storing water in a copper vessel for six hours or more hours kill almost all the harmful microbes present in the water. In fact, research has also suggested that a virus such as Influenza A was eradicated entirely within 6 hours on copper surfaces. Unfortunately, you cannot change all the surfaces you touch into copper as it is not an economical option. But you can start drinking water from copper utensils to keep yourself healthy and that too in an economical way.

Healthcare providers also emphasize on the importance of drinking enough water and staying hydrated in order to stay healthy. Water boosts your immunity, improves the blood flow and helps the body to replace any lost fluids.

Water stored in copper utensils naturally possesses antibacterial properties which destroy the harmful bacteria and viruses, thus making the water clear and suitable for drinking.