Micro Loop Extensions - Adds Volume to Hairs

If you are reading this article, the chances are that your hair is thin - thin enough to make you worry and look for a solution to give you some volume up there. The definition of beautiful hair often accompanies the terms "volume" and "thickness". However, not all of us are bestowed upon with this blessing. But we do want the proverbial beautiful tresses, which makes us look for ways to compensate for the qualities that aren't there. Thankfully, fashion technology has allowed people with thin hair to experience the fullness that a voluminous, bouncy tress has. Enter, micro-loop extensions. These are quite simple and straightforward tools that give you added volume in your locks, and make you feel more included in the "beautiful hair" party. This article is all about micro loop extensions and how they add volume to head.

What are micro-loop extensions?

Simply put, these thingies are a lock of human hair which is bound by a ring or a loop at one end and is free at the other end. You are supposed to install this lock of hair in your natural hair to artificially add volume to your tresses. The loops at the end get tightened around the strands of your hair, attaching the extra mane safely and securely. The micro-loop technology has emerged as a much friendlier way of hair volume addition as compared to gluing since it does not involve any heating. All you need is a pair of pliers, your micro-loop extensions, a sectioning comb, a mirror, your head and some training. Although it can be done efficiently at home as well, getting it done at a salon by a trained professional has its merits - it gets done quickly, efficiently and without any mistakes.

Where to install micro-loop extensions?

It is best to attach these micro rings extensions at least two fingers away from your scalp. Attach it too close, and there will be chances of uprooting your natural hair, which you don't want. Professionals do it by sectioning off a part of the hair above your nape and start there. They slowly move up the head and install them at the top as well. It is essential to add similar volume to your hair everywhere on your head. Otherwise, you would just end up with a good volume on one part of the head while the other remains balding.

Micro loop hair extensions in the UK are quite the thing today and is helping ladies to get that celebrity look.