Influence of IFFCO on Indian Agriculture Through Digitization

As the MD and CEO for IFFCO or the Indian Farmers Fertiliser Cooperative Limited, one of the largest fertilizer manufacturers in Asia, Dr. US Awasthi has also managed other cooperative's management and also has supervised the relationship with a huge number of cooperative societies all over India. After joining IFFCO in 1993, he has significantly helped the company to expand its fertilizer production capacity. Therefore, under his management, IFFCO has also experienced a histrionic enhancement in fertilizer sales.

IFFCO plans for development of digital platform For its aspiring marketing targets, IFFCO has planned to hit the digital platform. On the occasion of IFFCO's golden jubilee, IFFCO MD, US Awasthi has launched an enormous cooperative market utilizing a digital platform that will ultimately ease the process of delivering agriculture inputs to farmers and thus also encourage every farmer to use digital technology effectively.

In short, IFFCO has connected the Digital Bharat or Digital India simply by launching a new advanced digital initiative, known as the Indian Cooperative Digital Platform, which is now connecting around 2-3 crores farmers as well as other agriculture cooperative societies and thus look forward to connecting the entire farming community of the country.This platform gives the absolute power to the farmers so that the enrolled members an easily access instant information directly in the field of agriculture in different local languages.

It is actually a kind of e-commerce initiative to enhance the buying and selling process at fair prices for every agriculture sector in rural India. Main objective behind the launching of digital platform The foremost aim of launching this digital portal is to set up a digital connection of e-commerce and communication farmers and consumer or IFFCO and its subsidiaries or associate freely. Thus, one can easily conclude that today, IFFCO has truly emerged as a cooperative sector of the farmers, by the farmers and for the farmers.

To fulfill this objective, Dr. Awasthi along with other IFFCO members has traveled all across India around 125 remote places by personally meeting approximately 2 lakhs or more farmers covering about 136,000 Km or more. He is quite sure of the fact that the digital initiative of IFFCO will surely embrace the farming community completely by giving them a chance to become a self-sufficient individual. Moreover, IFFCO has also started a 24×7 call-center to cater the varied needs of farming groups in India.

Dr. Awasthi and social media Dr. Awasthi is highly active on most of the popular social media, where on behalf of the whole IFFCO family, he has expressed humble gratitude to the Indian farmers and other farming cooperators of the country for keeping up their faith on IFFCO. One can easily find interesting news, videos, and post at US Awasthi Twitter to see how IFFCO has empowered every Indian farmer and how the company is working to understanding the specific needs of the farmers by equipping them with modern advanced farming solutions.