Tree And Its Protection

What is tree?

Tree is an eternal plant with stem, trunk, branches and leaves. In other definition tree is only the woody plant which after growth and care make a tree. These are useful as lumber when these are look a specified height. Trees are not a systematic group but contain diversity plant species that independently develop gradually a trunk and branches and make a tower at a higher level for other plants to protect from sunlight.

To live happy and healthy planting is necessary. Trees keep air, soil and water clean for us, make earth a livable place. If you want to live in a fresh airy place then you may need to save the trees to cut down.

The way to get food

Seeds are sow in soil these get minerals from soil and become plant. After that plant get food and become a tree. Tree has a trunk it gets its food from trunk. The total strength of tree due to its trunk which has woody tissues and to carry materials from one place to another place contain vascular tissue. Trees are surrounded by a layer of bark as a protective fence. Roots are widely spread below the earths which are used to get moisture and nutrients from the soil. Branches are divided in small branches and shoot, shoot system get light energy and convert it into sugars by photosynthesis, and provide energy for the growth of trees.

How to protect Trees

Affect of trees: If you see the desert regions, you see the environment is so hot. there is not any shady place which is very necessary for everybody. There is heat everywhere without greenery so it is our duty to protect the trees. Many species of plants need different methods to protect them, some are strong and some are delicate, so there are different laws to save trees. Better thing to educate the people, and stay in touch to the urban or community forestry.

Pay attention to trees: You pay attention to your area trees and get awareness about them. Some trees are large, shady and big, they provide us more benefit so we can take care of these trees more. We preserved them as possible.

Save to cut down: The first thing to do when you see the tree cutting down is to talk the other person who wants to cut. Ask him why he removes it. Some damaged and diseased trees need to be cut down so they should be simply cut down for good environment. If more people know the importance of trees and want to protect them get together with those people who care about trees.

To be an applicator: You can give the application to the city forester or city council member and also involve your neighbors to save the plants from neighborhood.

To grow new trees: As it is important to protect existed trees, it is also important to think about planting and plant new healthy seeds to get big ones. It is expensive to buy trees so you can contact with nearby nursery and can get discount.

To stop the use of paper: We get paper from trees so we should stop the things which are made from paper. We should overcome the usage of paper material products like paper towels, napkins and tissues. Use clothe material instead of paper to reduce the unnecessary wastes.

Recycling: If you want to use paper product, you should always use the recycled things. To buy new things you make sure, you are not buying those products made from virgin pulp.