Top 10 Tips to Handle Inbound Calls

1. Answer the call promptly

Your skills get tested and judged from the time you take to attend their call. Making people wait can make an impression of unprofessionalism. Whoever has made the move to call your business, he (or she) should be pleased by being quick. Sometimes caller is in a hurry or he (or she) wants to get it done as soon as possible. If you keep them waiting by not receiving call quickly, then it can bring a lot of frustration and disappointment.

2. Answer with a smile

Always start a call with a smile. It is just a formality but it is necessary for inbound call center services. No matter how you spend your day, what mood you are in or how you are feeling health wise, just be professional with your caller and talk in a friendly tone. Yes, your caller can't see you but, one can certainly feel you smile. If the caller is upset with something, you have to stay calm and keep smiling. It is your job to solve problems. So keep everything away from your mind, just focus on your work with a smile every time. If the first caller was frustrating or even sometimes use wrong words, it should never reflect in your second call.

3. Always mention the company name

Greet the caller properly and mention the name of the company. This will show your professionalism and gives the caller a clear idea where he (or she) has connected their call.

4. Speak clearly and professionally

Friendly tone is good, but professionalism and clarity is the key. Keep in mind that your language should be commercial. Avoid using slipshod language, uh-huh', 'yeah'.They seem very unprofessional. If you do not represent yourself as a professional, the caller can get disturbed and disappointed.

5. Don't know the answer? Stay positive.

Never ever say these words "I don't know". If you have no suggestion in relation to a question of the caller, put the caller on hold by saying 'Let me find that out and come to you". It shows that you know the problem and caller can trust you and he (or she) will wait for their answer and you can get time to solve it. Your positive attitude can make them wait with calm by winning their trust.

6. Tell your caller when you can call back

Sometimes there is a need for call back. Be careful while doing this and only give a time when it is possible for you to make a call. Well, Act as much helpful you can. Ask your colleagues if they can help you out.

7. Make your caller feel important

Discuss customers' requirements in such a way that they can build a trust with you. Develop a bond with the caller. You have to present yourself as you are not only interested in your own business and profit, but you are thinking about his (or her) profit and requirement also. The caller gets an idea about you that you are impartial; the bond between two gets strong and caller always feels satisfied.

8. Don't make anyone hold for too long

Holding a call for a long time can give the caller a feeling of frustration and one feels unwanted. Your response to the caller should very positive and promising. Holding the call should be last option for you. If you don't have any idea, it's better to ask the caller that if he (or he) had called anyone else about this? If yes, leave the caller waiting on hold for few seconds and you can come back with information. If is it not possible, try to use the second option can assure the caller that he (or she) will get a call back within 30 minutes. Most important here is to do that otherwise, you can lose the bond of trust with the caller.

9. Summarize the call

Summarize the key points you have discuss with the caller when a call is coming to a natural close is very important. This will give him (or her) a satisfaction. If the caller wants a quotation, go over this with him (or her) and confirm an agreed time frame to get back in touch. Let the caller know what will happen next with regards to the order placed, quotation request, more information or anything else.

10. Don't hang up without a positive outcome

If you don't know about the issue which the caller is asking for, don't just say I can't help you and hang up. Go for an alternative to offer the caller. If you say we can't help you, the caller will be disappointed. Not always people are aware of all the options you have, they just know the services by advertisements and from friends or relatives. Let them know if you have another option for them, sometimes it can be better than what he (or she) was asking. Be positive and convince the caller to talk.