What Strategies Should Franchises Focus on in 2018?

If you've just started this process and are looking for some ideas to help you get inspired, we want to share three strategies that are definitely worth considering:

1. Social Media for Franchises

Social media can be a very powerful marketing channel for franchises that understand how to use it effectively. One of the really appealing things about social media is it's a very targeted way to reach potential customers. Social media for franchises also provides an affordable way to stay in touch with existing customers.

Because there are so many different ways to use social media, many franchises get overwhelmed when they try to figure out how to get started. The good news is working with an experienced social media expert like Franchise Success Team can help you get past this point. From training for all franchise locations to best practices for engagement, prioritizing this strategy will ensure your organization is able to build a strong brand on social media.

2. Franchise HR Services

As an established franchise organization, there are multiple ways that the right franchise HR services can help you thrive. Reducing employee turnover, increasing the professionalism of an entire operation and identifying areas that are costing more than they should are just a few examples of what emphasizing HR can accomplish.

Like social media, HR is a broad area of focus. That's why when franchises enlist our HR services, we start by performing a full HR audit. Using the information we gather during this audit, we can put together an employee handbook. We are also able to provide outsourced recruitment, as well as ongoing training services that maximize efficiency, keep employee morale high and minimize turnover.

3. Franchise Legal Services

For many franchise owners, there are a lot of other tasks they'd rather focus on than legal issues. However, not staying on top of these issues can snowball into a big problem over time. The good news is optimizing legal strategies during 2018 doesn't have to be an unpleasant task. The key is working with an expert that can guide you through which issues need your attention the most.

Putting lots of focus into social media, HR and legal are all initiatives that can really help your franchise over the next 12 months.

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