Black Friday a Paradigm Shift in Asia

Black Friday is like sales but in the United States. For several days in November, black banners invade US stores and e-commerce sites. Significant reductions are linked, up to more than 80%. The consumer mailbox is filled with promotions. Riots sometimes break out even in stores. In 2016, 154 million Americans bought at this trade event, according to the National Federation of Retailers (NFR). But what about Asia?

Black Friday in Asia

Black Friday 2017 will take place on Friday, November 24 in Asia. In general, this promotional day takes place on the 4th Friday of November each year. A date that falls at the right time ... "This event gives a new commercial impetus between shopping back and Christmas," says Yves Marin, director of the analysis firm Wavestone and specialist in consumer goods. It aims to boost consumption at a slacker time of the year, without reaching in Asia the scenes of impressive rush in the United States.

The Asian plan to spend 107 Rupees on average for this Black Friday 2017. Nearly one urban in three even considering participating in this discount event imported from the United States, according to the barometer made by Clear Channel for LSA. Internet will be the preferred distribution channel for customers at 63%, up 15 percentage points from 2016. Clothing and footwear are among the top purchasing intentions (40%), followed by high-tech products. tech (30%) and telephony (24%).

The essential of the good deals is realized in Asia on Friday, Quick peak at Black Friday In Pakistan 2017. However, promotions are often spread over more than a week. For example, AliExpress, iShopping and multiplied promotions in 2016 more than a week with flash sales. Daraz, ShopHive and TeleMarket also launched the operation a few days ago. According to the merchants, the discount period sometimes extends throughout the weekend. Be careful, do not confuse Black Friday with Cyber Monday. Less known, this day of discounts reserved only for e-commerce is held three days after Black Friday. In 2017, Cyber Monday falls on Monday, November 27th.

Black Friday has been gaining momentum in recent years in Asia. It even becomes an essential meeting point for online commerce. In 2015, the number of Internet search "Black Friday" in Asia reached nearly a million on Google. In 2016, this figure increased by 127.7% to 2.4 million, according to the website and the HomeShopping promotions platform. At this rate, expects 5 million Google search for 2017.