Best Tips For Shopping Beauty Products Online Like a Pro

Make up in particular is very tricky when bought online. This is because you might be able to gauge the size and look and feel of apparel or may be able to gauge an electronic device from its features but not makeup. This is because makeup needs to be applied to know if it is your product or not. I have personally been through incidents where I shopped online for that one deep red color that I know is my color. It was a deep red lipstick I was certain would suit me but when I applied it, it turned out to be glossier than it seemed in the pictures. The extra gloss didn't let the true color appear and gave the lips a repulsive shine. So here are some tips for you so that you can buy a product online that is exactly the same thing or at least close enough to what you had in mind.

Are they the official distributors

Before you purchase impulsively from an online retailer having your desired product, try to find out if they are an authorized distributor of that brand. This is because it is common practice among retailers to get counterfeit products and seller them online. Novice online shoppers can easily be enticed if a product is available at half the price, given the premium brand perception. But in reality they are selling a counterfeit product that even at a reduced price brings them great profit margins.

Look for shipping cost

There are times when a product is being offered at a discounted face value but there are string attached. The price discounted is recovered from the inflated shipment charges and even though you are satisfied that you got the product at a discount you actually end up being overcharged.

Compare the descriptions

When you find a makeup product online, jump to the product description that the online retailer has put up! Compare the description from the online shopping platform to the description given on the official website of the product. You will find noticeable disparity in the product description if the product is a counterfeit. Also some retailers selling imitation products choose to not reveal the product ingredients so this is a solid cue that the product might not essentially be what you're looking for.


Don't just jump to the first product you find on the search results, makes you look desperate! You being the dignified customer must choose what you may after being properly satisfied. So what you should do is scroll past multiple websites and read product reviews on the products of each vendor. It is always a good idea to look for platforms where people are discussing their experiences regarding a certain online retailer. It is smart to search for the address of the physical facility of the store and contacting them if there is a phone number available, in case you're unsure of the store's credibility.