How To Save Money When Buying Office Stationery

Reducing the number of expenses incurred can be a difficult task because everything seems to be important. When it seems that stationery contributes a small amount of the office expenses, this thinking may be completely wrong. A well-organized office stationery is an important factor on which day-to-day smooth functioning of office depends. One can save a good amount of money on office stationery if the plan is right. There are few tips by which you can save money when you plan to buy office stationery- choose indian and international brands for best price like casio, 3m , Avery office products.

1. Prefer online shopping of goods

Online shopping of office stationery can be economical as the extra cost incurred ongoing physically to a store and carriage of the purchased items to office will be saved. An additional advantage attached to online purchase is that it offers a wide range of latest and useful products whereas the stock of stores is limited.

2. Bulk buying

Buying purchase of office stationery can be an easy way of cutting cost. It is better to buy office stationery in bulk from a specified supplier for additional saving. When you buy in bulk the overall money spent on it goes down and the headache of running out of stock is also eliminated.

3. Creation of Supply Stations

Encourage your employees for sharing supplies by creating supply stations. For example, set a specific place where employees can look for a stapler, hole puncher, photocopy machine, and other stationery that are seldom used and can be shared.

4. Reduce wastage

Try to keep a track as to how many items of a particular stationery has been purchased and how many of it has been used, say sticky notes have been purchased in huge quantity but is being used once in a blue moon, then restrain yourself from buying it for next quarter and wait for the next purchase when you run out of stock.

5. Freeze purchase of stationery once a year

Randomly select a month of a year to freeze purchase of stationery. This encourages employees to use their resources in an optimum way. Providing more than what is needed may cause wastage thus not realizing the value of what has been provided.

Try implementing these points to become cost effective. Remember! Beware of little expenses; a small leak will sink a ship.