Filmmaking in Atlanta Just Got Cheaper

A recent report obtained from the Georgia Film Commission reveals that Georgia now takes the lead as the No. 1 state for filmmaking! There are several factors that play a role in this growth but the essential part is the inexpensive availability of resources. Reports show that in the year 2016 approximately 17 major motion pictures were shot in Georgia -deeming it the top count on the list. In addition, The United Kingdom scored the second position, as 16 films were shot at this location. Canada grabbed the third position with a film count of 13 and California stood on the fourth position with 12 feature films in the year 2016.

It is not always necessary to make special efforts to be the center of attention. In fact, Atlanta has proven its potential for filmmaking without even adopting the perma-celebrity culture. Within the past few years, the major film industries have focused towards Atlanta because it offers a great tax incentive and a wide range of great facilities and access to high-quality equipment, all within an affordable price range. The increased workforce, improved infrastructure, support personnel, and stable work platforms have proven Atlanta to be the future of the feature film industry.

The tax incentive programs of the state of Georgia have been revolutionized by a great extent - the latest tax incentive programs of Georgia offer 30% transferable credits. It is 20% plus an additional 10% if you use the state's logo in credits. The popularity of this marketplace has also been boosted by the recent success of a few films like Ant-Man, Barbershop 3, The Divergent Series: Allegiant, Captain America, X-Men, Civil War, The Walking Dead, Stranger Things and many, many more! The film traffic in this state is attracted through the popularity of Pinewood Studios that is well known for film and entertainment complex. It is made up of a 700-acre area and features 11 sound stages in South Atlanta. With such facilities, it becomes much cheaper to shoot movies here.

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