Uk-based Lift Specialists Can Give Your Company a Boost

Looking to install a goods lift, escalator, dock levellers, scissor lifts or more for your business? Be sure to get in touch with Pickerings Lifts, the UK's leading lift specialist company. With a head office based in Stockton in the North East and 11 further offices all across the country, there's bound to be a location near you that can help provide you with the top-quality customer service and fantastic products they promise. Alongside a range of products they can install, they also have a maintenance and repair service to make sure that your lift stays in great condition.

Whether you're after a passenger lift, a goods lift, a compact lift, scissor lifts or something else, this company has a lift to suit your needs. You can choose from a variety of lifts in their standard range, or have one manufactured specially to fit your requirements. Either way, you will have a long-lasting, smooth, quiet and energy-efficient solution. With 160 years of experience in installation, maintenance, repair and customer satisfaction, you're guaranteed to enjoy your time working with the company and calculating the best solution to suit your elevation needs.

If you're looking to make your office, business or building more suitable for those with disabilities or who may struggle with steps or stairs, the lift experts can also create and install the perfect solution for you, in the form of a platform lift, step lift or compact lift. These access lifts are designed to increase independence, and offer an aesthetically pleasing, reliable, quiet and efficient answer. If these types of lifts don't meet your requirements, this company also offers a comprehensive range of stairlifts, outdoor step lifts, through-floor lifts and even hoists. They are very understanding and helpful when it comes to discussing your needs, and want to give the client the best customer service possible.

The company can also design and fit loading systems to your specifications. They will work with your company to find the best solution to what you need, using their in-depth technical knowledge in this specialised field to help create the most efficient system possible. Every product they create and install is also guaranteed to meet the latest safety regulations and improve your environmental credentials. Some of the loading systems that they can fit include loading houses, scissor lifts and dock levellers, as well as a host of accessories to ensure your loading area is as efficient as possible. These include dock seals and dock shelters, vehicle restraint systems, high speed doors and an industrial door system.

Some offices or businesses may suit an escalator more than a lift, and luckily the company also creates and installs them to fit your specifications. Whether you need a commercial escalator which can be utilised in offices, hotels, department stores and more, a heavy-duty escalator that is ideal for high-traffic public areas, airports etc., or passenger travellators which are perfect for retail environments, airports and other public areas, they have something to suit all requirements.

This specialist company has a fantastic reputation for customer service and delivering the perfect solution tailored for your company and requirements. Whether you need dock levellers, a goods lift, a commercial escalator or anything in between, contact their team to discuss your options!