Difference Between A Headhunter And A Traditional Recruitment Firm In Thailand

An organization consists of employees on many levels and positions. Each one has its own set of roles and responsibilities, and the personnel employed at that position is well equipped and capable of handling the tasks that come his way. The nature, sensitivity and authority of a task varies with the hierarchy of the firm - and so does the seriousness. For the higher and more responsible positions, candidates who measure up to each last word on their resume are designated, while for the less important positions, such stringent mandates are not placed.

So how does it come to be? How do the right people end up in the right positions in a firm? This happens with the help of head hunting agencies and recruitment consultants. Here is the difference between a headhunter and a recruitment firm in Thailand.

Headhunters in Thailand are agencies or people who are highly specialized and qualified in searching for a candidate who is perfectly suited for the position their client has expressed vacancy in. Headhunters do not need to look in the resume pools swarming over the internet for this purpose - hiring candidates for higher and specialized positions requires more effort than that. The candidates whose resumes are not in circulation but who are the perfect fit for the said vacancy are contacted by these headhunters, and are given the opportunity to switch. People in corporate culture also usually switch companies in order to gain a jump in career. Headhunters are paid only if the selected candidate is hired. These people know perfectly well how to get in touch with candidates who are not registered with job sites.

On the other hand, recruitment firms in Thailand do the job of helping a company hire workforce for designations which do not involve much authority - sort of like filling up vacancies in a firm. Positions like programmers, assistants, typists and all such positions are the ones for which a recruitment firm is contacted. A recruitment firm will typically look up the resume pool present on the internet to both announce a vacancy and invite applications, or to search profiles on its own. Filling up junior level vacant positions in a firm is an important job, but it is not a critical one. Therefore, recruitment firms are a more diluted and toned-down version of headhunters in Thailand.

Now you know the difference between these two professionals - which one do you need?