Is VASER Liposuction A Safer Option For Fat Removal?

How This Procedure Does Helps?

In order to have a perfect body contour and framework, a person needs to firstly eliminate the excess fat from the body and this procedure is the most advanced form of future innovative technology that helps patients to get rid of their unwanted fat. This is also known as the fat removal surgery where Liposuction is performed in the specific areas that needs to be contoured. Abdomen, buttocks, hips, inner and outer thighs, knees, arms and chin are such areas which are treatable by this procedure. This procedure is also used as a part of other cosmetic surgery procedure such as breast reduction, male chest reduction and tummy tuck.

Why Consider This Procedure?

Before considering or opting for this procedure, one should know the various aspects related to VASER Lipo as a treatment. A person should be well informed about every pros and cons of a surgery and also about its side effects instead blindly following or listening to anyone. So it is very necessary for one to question out their queries or worries in the consultation period and also no one wants to undergo any surgery that takes time to heal, and VASER is a minimally invasive surgery that takes less downtime.

How To Go About Vaser Liposuction?

While opting for any surgery, say it even for undergoing Lipo treatments one should consider a board certified surgeon since for their own credentials and security. A board certified surgeon with his knowledge, skill and technique can help in obtaining the aesthetic needs of the patients with total accuracy and precision.

Unlike the traditional way of fat removal, VASER uses the ultrasonic technology that is tissue selective to targets the specific area of fat without harming the surrounding nerve vessels or tissues. By not damaging the surrounding tissue, this method obtains smoother results and faster recovery time. As compared to the traditional method, with this method there is significantly lesser trauma to the body.

The skilled surgeon performs the whole surgery by insertion of a thin hollow tube probe, known as Cannula, into the fatty layers of subcutaneous skin. Then the fat is emulsified by infusion with tumescent fluid that causes the fat to break apart when being exposed to the ultrasonic waves. The liquefied fat is then immediately aspired out of the body with the help of the cannula that achieves tighter and smoother appearance.

What Are The Odds?

This method of Liposuction causes less drainage of blood and is almost painless. Post surgery, there are some minor bruises and skin swelling that will subsides within few days and is normal with any surgery you opt for. There are no injuries regarding tissue and skin if the procedure is done properly.