Tea Articles

Change Your Body Without Exercising

If you are one of those vague people who do not like to do physical activity at all or if you do not have enough time to devote to the gym, we tell you 8 things that will make you lose weight without moving a finger.

Discover The 7 Benefits of Drinking a Cup of Tea

Black tea, green, white or Oolong type, whatever your favorite, the truth is that consuming a cup of this brew has multiple benefits for our body because it contains antioxidants, reduces stress and low levels of hypertension, among others.

10 Amazing Benefits of Green Tea

It is a drink rich in antioxidants and nutrients that benefit the body in multiple ways, being a great support to strengthen the defenses and prevent diseases.

Jasmine Green Tea - Drink Green Blend With a Difference!

Green blends are tagged as 'wonder drinks'. Its different variants have also proved to help maintain the health in human beings. People who are conscious of their health but, at the same time, cannot leave the habit of drinking tea opt for green tea.

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