Some Essential Facts Everyone Should Know About Darjeeling Tea

Which tea is called "queen of teas"? Yes, it is the Darjeeling blend! This tea produced in the high hills of the Himalayas has a delicate golden color and taste. It is this muscatel flavor of Darjeeling that made it so much popular to global consumers. There is no drinker who has not tried different tea brands at least once. Every blend of Darjeeling has a soothing taste that refreshes one's mind and body in the most extraordinary way.

Darjeeling blends are usually known as black brew'. But, they are not completely black since majority of these brews are not oxidized completely. The truth is that Darjeeling is a light blend. People do not know certain things about this popular beverage. Let's find out some.

What Is The Taste Of This Blend?

Everyone knows that tea is famous as "Champagne of Teas" as it has a special flavor. This tea tastes much like muscatel wine and therefore, has a fruity citrus tinge in its taste. Besides, Darjeeling also has sweet and musky note in its taste, which makes its unique. One will find that Darjeeling blends have a slight astringency in their taste. Buy tea online from a reputed company in India to take the pleasure of this unique taste.

What Are The Different Types Of Darjeeling?

Blends from the Himalayas are available in various types - black, green, white and oolong. Natural environment of Darjeeling gives its beverage a distinct characteristic which is not found in any blend in the world.

Black Darjeeling teas are fully oxidized and are dried up. The liquor so obtained has a dark color and a fruity, flowery and spicy flavor. Oolong brews are partially oxidized and when brewed produces a dark orange color liquor. This blend has a considerable demand in global beverage market. Green brew is known for its health benefits. Their rich antioxidant content contributes a lot to the wellbeing of human beings. The most delicate variant of Darjeeling is white brew. They are not oxidized and have organic property and so, White Tea market prices are pretty high.

How To Make This Brew?

No matter what variant of Darjeeling one consumes, it is better to drink it without milk and sugar. This helps the drinker to appreciate the rich aroma and flavor of this beverage. One should use purified water and should not use metallic infuser.

Darjeeling blends when prepared properly provide the best taste and aroma. A cup of tea is idea for all time.