Everything You Must Know About The Revolutionary Services of Maritime Satellite Communication

Internet is an important part of our lives. It is hard to imagine even a single day without the internet. In fact today, you could even say that the internet has grown from a luxury to a public utility and necessary for the modern man. It has become more and more important to stay in touch with your personal and professional contacts irrespective of which part of the world you are!

Evolution of Internet Services on Ships

Years ago, who would have imagined remaining connected to the world on ships? But it is no more a distant dream. Ships these days offer excellent internet connection no matter which part of the world they are sailing to. And you can even find a few bars of connectivity even in the most remote locations. If you are on a business trip or a cruise holiday, you can still access the fastest internet services. Most cruise services offer special packages inclusive of a data plan.

The easy access to internet has been made possible by mobile satellite services (MSS). These services have revolutionized internet usage on ships. It offers a two-way data and voice communication service to users across the globe, even those in remote locations. These MSS terminals are very handy and come in the size of a laptop. The MSS offer affordable equipment along with low-cost package which is charged by the megabyte or by a minute. One of the major characteristics of MSS is that it operates at the L-band frequency. Since L-band is a low-frequency connection, it is not disrupted during rain which is a common issue faced in higher bandwidth satellite system.

What are the Major Benefits for the Guests On-Board?

For guests on a holiday, it is easy to remain updated about current affairs. Social media has become all the rage these days and everyone wants to flaunt their latest pictures and videos the minute they are taken. Having an internet connection on the ship gives you a chance to post live updates along with your videos and pictures instantly. Browsing, downloading, and uploading can be done within fraction of seconds. It is a great way of being connected with friends and family even while miles away! It is also essential for professionals who cannot afford to miss a single mail or update. They can also make video calls and conduct meetings while on the cruise.

What is the Biggest Threat to Maritime Internet Services?

As they say, every pro has its con, the maritime internet is also vulnerable to cyber attack. Cyber threats have grown complex and cyber security should be an integral part of shipping management. As cyber attacks have grown more complex in nature, they require a more multi-faceted approach to tackle the problem.

It is, therefore, necessary for the cruise to hire professionals for maritime cyber security who identify the threats and design a counter-strategy. They work towards raising awareness among the stakeholders, which includes the offshore crew as well. Once the counter-strategies have been implemented, it is their job to review and monitor the effectiveness of the barriers and strive towards improving them.

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