Cat6 Networking Cables, The Most Preferred Networking Cable

Nowadays as there is an immense amount of networking is done in almost every sector like colleges, universities, offices and larger firms and even in our homes, the major equipment in order to do the networking is the networking cables. And as we all see a lot of wires hustling here and there it is quite a difficult task to make sure that we use the perfect cables in our home or office. In this article I will try to briefly explain that how you can choose the ideal cable in your budget and also ideal for your networking needs.

Cat6 plenum, ideal for advanced level installations:

Category 6 cables commonly known as Cat6 cables are the most common wires which are being used these days in larger firm and universities where networking is done on larger basis. Cat6 cables are being used and trusted in most of the networking because of its reliability. Cat6 plenum networking cables supports up to 550 MHZ and 1000 Mbps ideal for high speed connections. It has 8 solid conductor 4 pairs UTP (un-shielded twisted pair) and plenum outer jacket. Plenum cables are the most famous wires because plenum cables are low smoke and fire retardant wires which is widely accepted and installed almost everywhere. Cat6 plenum wires are one of the most advanced cables these days and it is installed in 4 pairs which is described below. 1st pair: blue and white-blue, 2nd pair: orange and white-orange, 3rd pair: green and white-green and 4th pair is brown and white- brown. Cat6 plenum cables have 100% pure copper 23 AWG (American wire gauge) solid conductors.

After the Cat5e cables most of the users were demanding something more faster and more reliable than this because in cat5e wires if there is huge amount of burden is put on cable the user started to experience some interruptions which is quite a worrying sign especially if you are in office so therefore they opted for Cat6 cables and these wires are doing their work quite easily yet there are some who also demand for something more faster than cat6 but this cable is still the best possible solution for any kind of networking.