How Cloud Fax Differ From Internet Fax

More and more business houses are abandoning the messy conventional faxing methods and switching over to the more convenient and much cheaper Internet faxing. As a result, several internet fax service providers have surfaced and there is fierce competition.

There are service providers that offer software only solutions that allow you to fax directly from your computer to any fax machine. There are internet fax service providers that offer fax-to-IP Internet gateway products, which are hardware-based routers that emulate a fax machines. Faxing services that use software require you to sign up with fax service provider. This software makes faxing easy and quick.

The faxing methodology has evolved in the past several years and it has now become online eliminating the need to own and maintain a fax machine. Most business owners are today quite familiar and comfortable with using e-mail and other online means of communications and therefore internet fax is deemed a welcome facility. Internet faxing has multiple advantages:

• They are vastly cheaper because you are not making long distance connections over the phone lines

• You do not required to, buy/install/maintain any hardware

• You get much faster transmission and you can send many faxes at once

• No dedicated fax lines are needed

• A web interface is available if you wish to add fax-on-demand capability to a website.

As all of us are aware, communication technologies are advancing at a rapid pace and faxing methods are also becoming more and more sophisticated. For several decades the only option for faxing was by using an uncouth fax machine, but now things have drastically changed as we can take care of our faxes digitally.

Cloud fax services are now available to millions of users worldwide and several service providers have started offering this facility. Many businesses have started availing Cloud fax services as a way to more effectively manage company faxes with guaranteed security.

For Cloud faxing, you will receive your own virtual fax number that will connect you with the recipients whatever type of faxing technology they may use. The virtual number will be in charge of redirecting all incoming documents to your email inbox.

Staying competitive just may require staying up with the latest technologies. Faxing in the cloud is a phenomenon that has captured the fancy of many businesses that want to outsource their faxing capabilities.

Cloud faxing is the same as faxing through a fax server, except that a service provider furnishes the fax server. This means that business houses rather than installing and maintaining fax servers, merely have to pay for the service provider who supplies a web interface for every user and the capacity to send and receive faxes. Using a cloud based solution has a host of advantages:

• You can schedule faxes to be delivered when you want them.

• You can send a single document simultaneously to multiple recipients without wasting time on your computer.

• Cloud based fax is compatible with smartphones. All you have to do is to download a compatible fax app for your smartphone and receive faxes virtually anywhere.

• You can integrate fax services with Google Docs, Box and DropBox.

• Digital faxing needs extra security, so you can leave such matters to the professional faxing company.