GPRS Articles

GPRS Mobile Phones - Phones With Great Connectivity

A latest technology is GPRS with which files can be transferred at much fast speed. Data can be exchanged with less efforts made and money too. It can also be said that this technology is about ten times speedier than GSM networks.
GPRS stands for General Packet Radio Service. This service can be seen with almost every latest handsets.

Mobile Phone Internet Browsing

The popularity of mobile browsing varies between countries. In South Korea and Japan, the mobile browser is widely used for mobile specific services. In Europe, the popularity of WAP services is increasing all the time, but they still are not in everyman's use. In the U.S., mobile phones are not used for browsing, but people access the full Web with PDA browsers.

The Real World Applications of GPS Tracking

GPS tracking as enabled in modern day vehicles is capable of doing so much more than just telling you where a vehicle is at a given time, or where it is going. Used in conjunction with the right software platform, GPS is able to develop a full and living picture of the behaviour and performance of your entire fleet. You can use it to build long term pictures of fuel economy, route efficiency and driver working hours.

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