Best American Sniper Game Review

Today I got a chance to play Best American Sniper game, I thought That I'll be wasting my time if I play this but when I download and start playing the game I found it so interesting that I even forget to go to the market to bring things that my mom told me to bring.

What makes a game interesting is its gameplay, The first thought that came into your mind is will the game keep will your attention and here in the case of Best American Sniper, I think this was their main objective to make the gameplay so interesting so that the player didn't feel bore at any stage.

Best American Sniper has six levels to play and each level is time based means you had a certain amount of time to clear the level. If you didn't make it in time you will have to play it again from the beginning that is from the very first level. Which in other games are so harassing but in this case as the graphics and enemy movements are so eye catching that you don't even care about this thing? As you progress through levels become more difficult to play as now you have to kill more enemies in less time.

Unfortunately it has only one location right now for the users to play, but hopefully It is expected that they will add multiple new features and locations in future releases.

It's a first person 3d game released by HawksGames, which is I think a new company because I've never heard about them before and this is the first one I'm playing and I'm so impressed with their work, In game you had a sniper with zooming capability and the way the player holds the sniper looks so realistic that you feel that you are holding sniper in your hands and you are not playing a game but you are actually in battlefield.

Game has a good looking menu and beautiful touch buttons, game controls are easy to use, realistic sounds are used for fire

Overall Best American Sniper is fun and interesting game to have in your mobile phone