Advanced Wireless/radio Remote Controls For Industrial Machines

In our modern society, most of the tower cranes are primarily controlled by radio remotes. Radio remote controls send signals to different devices using radio waves. These waves which are emitted from the remote antennas vary in frequencies depending on the technology. The emitted wave which is carrying the control signal is then picked up by the radio receiver at the receiving end. Embedded inside the radio receivers is a decoder that decodes the signal picked by the receiver and obeys the command. The good thing about radio remotes especially the ones designed by BASE ENGINEERING INC. is that the signal can travel a very long distance and at the same time penetrates through obstructions like walls.

Before delving into details, one may ask what exactly radio remote control is. Radio remote control is an electronics device used to control an electrical or mechanical machine or system automatically. With the advent of this powerful modern wireless control technology, it is easier to control gigantic and complex electronic or mechanical system. Be it closing of circuit, moving a spindle or handle, starting a motor etc, industrial wireless control system can do the job.


Any remote control is made up of two main parts; the Transmitter and the receiver

The transmitter part is usually seen in the portable remote device. Inside the transmitter are another two major components. They are RF remote controls and transmitter module. The operator can use the RF devices independently while the transmitter is generally used as a component in the circuit. The frequency range of most of the industrial wireless transmitter

The second main part is the receiver. Also, inside the receiver are super heterodyne and super regenerative receiver that works together for proper functioning. This can be powered with 12-24V. Remember, both the transmitter and receiver must be in good working condition before the whole aim of the remote control is achieved.


The advantages of industrial wireless control cannot be over-emphasized. Some of the reasons to opt for it are:

Finally, if you talk of the best industrial radio remote controls systems manufacturer and designer, Base Engineering Inc. is the answer. Their products meet the highest international standards for quality, safety and reliability with over 20 years of experience.