Know How and Where Walkie Talkies Can Serve You Best

Walkie talkies are hand held two way radio transceivers that help reach out to one or more people at the same time. The device is small portable and contains a microphone, a speaker, a transmitting/receiving antenna, a PTT (push to talk) button and few internal circuitry. They work on radio frequencies and does not need a network tower to function. Except for the initial payment for obtaining a license and the regular charging of the batteries, these devices cost nothing every time they are used. TalkPRO walkie talkie, manufactured by Iconet wireless is a good example here. Except for the initial license fee of around INR 900, there are no charges at all for using these devices lifelong.

These devices were used only by professional workforces including the military, the police and fire departments. As technology has moved much further, these devices are custom made for several other fields including factories and mining industries, event management and wedding planners, railway and aviation industries, security forces, schools, hospitals and even by families and friends.

Walkie talkies are easier to reach out to a group of people at the same time and hence can be of great help in times of emergencies. Take for example the Peshawar school attack sometime back. If the school staff were connected through this device, someone from the entrance might have been able to alert people inside in seconds and this would have given them a little more time to spread out and save their lives. The teachers, staffs and students were caught unaware during the attack. This is just an example. There are a lot of situations you can relate to where information given to people at the right time could have saved a lot of chaos and confusion.

Apart from emergencies, this device make work much easier in a lot of places every day.

Below two examples are perfect in understanding the scope of walkie talkies in businesses and organizations.

Wedding planners/ event organizers

You will know how important instructions are to people in these fields. Walkie talkies will help reach peer organizers from across the room very easily to privately give out instructions. Planning needs to be precise by seconds and wireless devices will serve just this purpose!

Manufacturing units and warehouses

In a unit where there are hundreds of people working and the location is spread across a large area, finding out a person and reaching out for giving/receiving information is a challenge. Think of the airtime charges if mobile phones were used every few minutes to contact one person or the other! Walkie talkies are great source of connectivity in industries and warehouses to keep track of work.