Importance of Telecommunication in Various Sectors of an Economy

With efficient use of telecommunication an economy can result into increased productivity and better administration. Hence, it is necessary to understand the importance of telecommunication in various sectors of any economy.

Efficient Use in Infrastructure

The term infrastructure refers to technical structures such as roads, water supply, electrical grids, telecommunications such as AT&T Home Phone service, etc. These are essential in the production of goods and services. For example, roads are needed to transport raw materials to a factory, and also for distribution of products to markets and basic social services such as schools and hospitals. Telecommunication devices are becoming essential day by day in the transport sector. For the military, it refers to buildings and permanent installations necessary for support, redeployment, and operation of the armed forces.

Telecommunication in Agriculture

This is the most important sector in an agro-based economy as a country depends on its agriculture for its economic development. Farmers can suffer due to lack of communication regarding weather, price of their commodity, advice from agro expert, market condition, etc. Sometimes even the middleman takes advantage as farmers are unable to find out the prices of their crops. But telecommunication has changed all that as farmers even from rural areas are making use of various telecom devices.

Education Makes Use of Telecommunication

Due to the latest technology in the telecommunication sector one can run a school without being physically present there also called distance learning. A professor can give a lecture sitting in the U.S. with students asking questions to clear any doubts. Students can use multimedia to take exams using the internet for research work.

Health Care will become Cost-effective

Information and telecommunications technologies can provide and support health care when distance separates doctor and patient. Use of telecommunication is increasing in remote areas where access to health care is difficult. A doctor can provide consultation and monitoring services, especially to the elderly, reducing the number of trips to health centers. Telecommunication will make health care more cost effective as it is based on electronic access.

Efficiency in Government Sector

Government agencies are also using telecommunications to improve quality of service to the public and to reduce the cost of providing this service and to improve efficiency. Telecommunication devices can be most useful during natural calamity. Valuable lives can be saved with the help of telecommunication devices whenever earthquakes, floods and hurricanes strike.

Enhancing Business

Today, no business can do without telecommunication. Telephone, fax, e-mail, the internet are all possible due to fast and reliable telecommunications. Even the concept of electronic commerce, popularly called "e-commerce" would have been impossible without it. Managers can use telecommunication technology to control processes and better administration. Telecommunications is essential in the transmittal of data and information from one point to another. With telecommunications, all documents can be accessed electronically by many different departments at the same time.

Telecommunication has made the world a global village bringing people from different countries closer together. With this technology, keeping in touch with loved ones has become even simpler. We live in a world of telecommunication and we should take advantage of this technology to add convenience to our lives.