What is SIP Trunking And How Can It Benefit my Business

Put simply, SIP stands for Session Initiation Protocol, which means it's the system by which VoIP calls are delivered to clients using unified communications services. Essentially, SIP Trunking is an incredibly flexible business solution that allows small and medium businesses to streamline their communications, and maintain a high level of service in a competitive marketplace.

By using SIP Trunking, VoIP services - which are already more reliable, more cost effective, and easier to adapt to change than regular telephone lines - can even help businesses to do even more! At the very basic level, SIP Trunking is more cost-effective than ISDN, and it's far more robust.

It's Adaptable

With SIP Trunking, there's no need to invest in expensive infrastructure, since when you set-up what you need for your business today, the system will still be able to grow with you in the future.

That means you no longer have to invest in huge one-off payments for future growth, but can simply keep on using an existing system that's designed to adapt and change with your business needs!

Keep All Your Callers

With ISDN or traditional phone lines, it's easy for your employees to miss a call - particularly if they're working remotely. But with SIP Trunking, all business calls can be automatically re-routed to a mobile phone, and this still works when the line is busy or your office is closed!

Thanks to SIP Trunking, you'll never have to miss a business call again, so you can start to build your reputation for reliability today.

It's More Efficient

With streamlined data and voice lines, you're already ahead of the curve, but SIP Trunking can also make your business calls more efficient! The system offers all of your employees, no matter whether they're working on or off-site, the following great features:

Overall, SIP Trunking means you'll never have to pay for a service or equipment you don't really need; you'll increase you bandwidth and calling capabilities; and you'll enjoy great savings on your monthly phone bill.

What's not to like? Explore the realities of SIP Trunking with Unified Ring today, and start saving money, and growing your business!