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Principles of Chinese Medicine in Treating Chronic Disease

The full name of chronic prostatitis is a chronic non-infectious disease. It is not specific to a kind of disease, but a general term for disease with insidious onset, long duration, high risk of recurrence, no obvious evidence of an exact cause of infectious organisms. The causes of chronic disease are very complex, and some chronic disease has not been fully recognized. There is no doubt that patients suffer from the chronic disease are desperately desired to cure their disease, although it is not easy. Most patients choose Western drugs to relieve pain, but they would rather choose Chinese medicine than Western drugs for long-time effects. So, what are principles of Chinese medicine in treating chronic disease?

Important Tips To Keep Your Kidneys Healthy And In Normal Working Order

The bean-shaped structures called as kidneys perform some of the most important functions for your body. In fact, these small organs work really hard so that all the vital and important organs of your body may remain healthy and protected against attack of various hazards that may be caused due to presence of wastes or toxins in the body. Unfortunately, these small bean shaped organs may fall prey to certain problems due to various triggering factors. This in turn starts causing problems to your overall well-being. But you can prevent occurrence of all such issues by opting for healthy lifestyle and diet. Here are some important tips that may be followed to keep your kidneys in good health.

Side Effects of Antibiotic in Treating Chronic Prostatitis

Antibiotic is a kind of medicine which is under common use in modern society. It is found by Sir Fleming in 1928. It has inhibitory and killing effects on pathogenic microorganisms and is important for preventing and treating infectious disease. Some prostatitis patients choose to take antibiotics and other Western medicine for treatment while some of them choose herbal medicine such as Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill for treatment, especially patients with chronic prostatitis. The fact is the effect of Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill is better than that of antibiotics in treating chronic prostatitis. The question is why?

Are There Any Alternative Remedies For Treatment And Management Of Chronic Rhinitis?

Rhinitis is an allergic condition that may affect anyone. In fact, millions of people across the globe are suffering from this condition every now and then. Under this condition, there is problem of constant and continuous sneezing, common cold, cough, fever and headache. It is all due to problems in the working mechanism of the nasal passages. There is blockage in the nasal passages as a result of excessive production of mucus. This is all due to exposure to various triggering factors or allergens.

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