6 Essential Tips For Parents to Help Their Child Navigate Through Depression

Amy has always been a happy child, beaming with energy and enthusiasm, and bringing joy to others with her smile and generous acts. But the effervescent girl turned gloomy and irritable when she attained puberty. She acted strangely with her friends and family members, preferred to keep to herself and avoided going out. Her parents noticed that she became obsessed with her body weight and image and hardly ate anything during the day. After a lot of cajoling, Amy finally went to a psychologist with her parents and was diagnosed with depression.

It was hard for her parents to understand that depression could plague such a young child. However, it is true that depression is prevalent among teens. Nearly 13 percent of the young U.S. population, aged 12 to 17 years, suffered from at least one episode of major depression in 2015. The prevalence of depression was higher in females than males and highest amongst adolescents who reported two or more races.

Undiagnosed, untreated or undertreated depression can have a severe bearing on a teen's present and future. Therefore, parents and caregivers should put in sufficient efforts to help a teen come out of it. Here are some tips for parents to improve their child's mental state:

Teen depression is treatable

A depressed teen might perform poorly in academics, sports and in extracurricular activities. He or she might suddenly withdraw and become aloof. Parents should be aware of the red flags and accept that their child might be struggling with a serious problem. It is even more important to understand that it is okay to consult a doctor without any fear.