Tips For Preparing Your Business For The Holidays

Every year, businesses launch into overdrive as the festive season commences. Preparing for increased sales, ramping up staff, and decorating in a way that's respectful and attractive can make the holidays feel exhausting.

If you felt that way this holiday season, know that preparation can go a long way to alleviate your concerns. From printing personalized banners and brochures to utilizing print shop mailing services, these holiday preparation tips to consider next time around will keep you sane and focused on what matters most.

Start Preparing Well in Advance

One of the biggest mistakes most business owners make is waiting far too long to prepare for the holiday season. This can be disastrous because it leaves you with little time to arrange additional staff, hang decorations, or even just fill more inventory slots.

Just as it is with individual Christmas shopping, you, too, should address your business needs long before the Christmas season starts. Aim to begin your planning in July or August for best results. By the time November rolls around, you should be completely prepared for the holidays.

Didn't have time to plan? Start from where you are now and make a list of everything that needs to be done. Itemize, delegate, and work together to make it happen. Keep everybody on the same page and don't sweat the little stuff-some preparation is always better than none!

Order Supplies Early

Murphy's Law states that if anything can go wrong, it will. This, unfortunately, seems to be overwhelmingly true when it comes to businesses ordering inventory at the last minute for the Christmas season.

Leaving your order to the last minute and engaging in a final scramble to access the inventory you need almost always results in disaster. Remember that the holiday season can introduce new variables to the situation, many of which are beyond your control.

Slow shipping times, unavailable inventory, and back-ordered products can make your preparation an absolute nightmare. To prevent supply order issues, place your orders even earlier in the year-as soon as the products or items become available if possible.

Print Personalized Banners

Want to advertise your business's amazing Black Friday or holiday sales? Personalized printed banners are an inexpensive, easy way to address your storefront without paying for more expensive solutions such as metal signage, permanent lighting, or advanced displays. A simple, holiday-themed banner with the business's name and the details of your sale in bright, bold colors catches the eye and draws people into your store or business location.

Not sure what to put on your banner? If you can hire a graphic designer, do so; but if you can't, there's still so much you can do on your own. Overall, you want to create a banner that capitalizes on both the holiday season and your business. For an office supply store, add Frosty sitting in an office chair. For a restaurant, include pictures of your most seasonal meals. Large, bold lettering in an easy-to-read font is still best, as it commands attention.

Use Printed Flyers

Printed holiday flyers delivered by snail mail (or by hand) will draw people into your business and encourage them to shop. Follow the same aforementioned format-holiday themed, big, bold lettering, details of your sales-but make one addition: exclusive coupons.

This approach makes customers feel as if they're special and part of an elite group receiving discounts, despite the fact that you may be sending the flyers out to everyone in the area. Because the coupons need to be used in-store, they'll drive more sales.

Don't have the time or resources to handle your mailouts? Your local print shop can help. Mailing services take the pain points out of this process so you can focus on more immediate tasks.