8 Things About Christmas

Christmas is the biggest festival in the world that puts a magical charm all over us. We bring you the most fantastic things about this festival that believes in the joy of sharing, gifting and spreading cheer!

This is the Season of Love:

"The most wonderful Festival of the year" The birth of Jesus is celebrated as the biggest festival throughout the world. Everyone waits for the month of December with so much happiness and glee.

Christmas Tree

The evergreen Fir trees are used as a welcoming of the spring season that is to come after the cold winter. In the 16th century, the Germans started this tradition of decorating their homes with the tree, which is followed all over the planet.

Christmas Presents

It is strongly believed that the gifts given to Jesus by the wise men were the origin of this gesture. Everyone shares gifts which are the fundamental notion of spreading happiness during this festival.

Christmas Lights

A joyful celebration of decking your house with colourful lights spells sheer happiness. This season let there be more and more lit up moments.

Star of Bethelem

This star symbolizes the travel of the wise men towards the birth of infant Jesus when they followed the twinkle of a single star. Every year during Christmas people light up the star to make way for the saviour to walk into their humble home

Christmas Cake

It was a famous English tradition of making a rich fruity porridge for the Christmas Eve. This has gradually changed into the fluffy, plums infused cake that we now know of. We enjoy the richness and the sweet cake that we all, so happily share with our friends and family.

Christmas Wreath

A ring-like decorative item, usually hanged on doors welcomes the festival of Christmas. It symbolizes the never-ending circle of life. The evergreen leaves used stands for eternity, growth and everlasting life.

Santa Claus

Originating in the western Christian culture, this legendary figure is associated with the act of bringing gifts to young children who behave well throughout the year. He is visioned as riding the sleigh through the northern icy region, with elves and share happiness with everyone.