Catch Santa in The Act!

How to catch Santa in the act and prove he is real! This is my story of how iCaughtSanta was born. It has brought many smiles to my 3 girls and I hope it brings a smile to a child that you know.

It's that time of year again when children all over the world wait anxiously for Christmas Eve to arrive. And when that night comes they will have questions. Questions that keep them up this magical night. Questions that you and I had as a child: when will Santa come? How will he get in the house? How many toys will he bring? Will he eat the cookies and drink the milk? Can I stay up to catch him in the act? And this year, like every year in the past, all of their questions will disappear when they awake to see all of the presents that he left. However, there is one question you can answer that is guaranteed to add a little extra magic this Christmas. You can catch Santa in the act for free with your cell phone!

It all began late Christmas Eve 2008 as we worked frantically preparing cookies for Santa. Once the cookies were done we carefully placed them on the coffee table for Santa. Then it was off to bed for the little ones so we could go to work on the presents. And so we did until early Christmas morning. When done we laid down to catch a quick nap before Christmas morning arrived. It wasn't long after that when I jumped out of bed realizing that we had forgotten to eat cookies! I ran into the living room making sure no one was awake and took a few bites of cookies and drank a little milk. It was at that moment when I turned to my wife and said "How cool would it be if we could give them a picture of Santa caught in the act in our very own living room!" She loved the idea (first time ever) and iCaughtSanta was born!

Since then tens of thousands children all over the world now have evidence that he is real! Just imagine the look of wonder and surprise when your child sees a picture of Santa standing in your living. Seeing is believing!

Download the free app and catch Santa in the act here: