Erythrocyte Sedimentation Rate Test For Detecting Cancer

Cancer known as the most frightening and treacherous disease can be tested and examined through various procedures and examinations. One such method of knowing whether a person is suffering from cancer or not is Erythrocyte Sedimentation Rate test. Erythrocyte Sedimentation Rate test also called as Sedimentation Rate Test is used for other finding the traces of other diseases such as autoimmune diseases, infections, rheumatoid arthritis and systemic lupus erythematosus.

Preparation and Steps Followed by ESR Test

There are a number of medicines which can affect the ESR test and its results. Such drugs should be avoided and their intake should be taken care of before the test is conducted. Some of these drugs are as androgens, estrogens, aspirin, heroine, methadone, prednisone and many other.


The ESR test involves a blood examination. The steps which are followed are as follows-:

a. The area from where the blood is to be drawn is cleaned with cotton and a solution or antiseptic.

b. The needle is inserted in that area to draw the blood out of the body.

c. The blood is collected in a long tube.

d. The procedure takes 2-3 minutes.

e. After the needle is removed a Band-Aid is applied to that area.

All these above-mentioned steps should be followed properly for the better and safer ESR test to take place. One step gone wrong can risk you your whole life and better be late than sorry is what everyone should follow before taking any blood tests.

There are several risks involved in this procedure but they are very minute and can be taken care of if looked upon at timely. Some of these risks are excessive bleeding from the point of vein rupture, hematoma, bruising, fainting, lightheadedness, inflammation of the vein and infection. Don't take all these reactions lightly and visit the doctor as soon as you start feeling or observing these symptoms.

After the collection of blood

After the doctor has collected the blood from the patient's body into the large tube, it is taken into the lab for testing. There it is tested that how far the red blood cells will fall in about an hour. Are you thinking that why is it done so? Well here is your answer. The inflammation in the patient's body is caused by abnormal release of proteins which leads to the formation of clumps. The clumps formed are so heavy that they fall at t. e bottom faster than the ones which are single. The increase in pace of the falling of blood cells tell about the increase in the inflammation in a person's body.

An increased inflammation in the body does not tell about the place or the area where it is happening. That is for the doctors to figure out. ESR test is one important test for cancer and should be conducted timely for early knowledge of any such symptoms. As the inflammation increases the risks of cancer increases too, so go get tested today if you feel anything wrong or unusual in your body.