Don't Mistake Chronic Prostatitis For These 5 Diseases

Chronic prostatitis is a disease with high morbidity, accounting for 50% of all office visit for complaints involving the genital and urinary systems from young and middle-aged men. Its pathology, etiology as well as clinical symptoms are very complex and diverse. This disease and its complications truly impact the quality of life for people with it, being tormented physically or in spirit.

In the past years people think that chronic prostatitis is an inflammation of prostate. But it proves a one-sided opinion. According to the studies on chronic prostatitis from modern medical field, this disease is relating to chronic pelvis pain syndrome or lower urinary tract symptoms, representing inflammation or functional disorder of prostate and its surrounding tissues and organs. There, let's distinguish between chronic prostatits and other "confusingly similar" diseases.

1.Chronic urethritis and cystitis: the symptoms of these two diseases ate similar to that of chronic prostatitis. If patients suffering from the former go for the examination of prostatitis, the result will be normal.

2. Prostatalgia: no solid lesion while with pain in perineum and up publis as well as urination disorder. In this condition, prostate proves healthy by digital rectal exam, prostate fluid proves normal by

3.Granulomatous prostatitis: though its symptoms and result of digital rectal exam are similar to chronic prostatitis, its symptoms deteriorate quicker. Further exams such as biopsy will be recommended to patients.

4.prostatic tuberculosis: its symptoms are similar to chronic prostatitis, but with urinary tuberculosis or tuberculosis in other parts of the body. By digital rectal exam, doctor can find irregular abscess in the prostate, swelling and hard epididymis, bead-like induration in spermatic duct.

5.Prostate calculus: stones are inside of prostatic acini and ducts. Its symptoms are similar to chronic prostatitis, but sound and image will appear when ultrasound scan the region of prostate calculus.

From above parts, patients can have a basic knowledge of these diseases, and will be able know what disease they exactly have. By the way, go to hospital for body check is the first choice. As to chronic prostatitis, it responds well to Chinese medicine. And the product Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill proves very effective.