Misunderstandings of Prostatitis

Although prostatitis is not a rare kind of disease, there are still many misunderstandings of this disease.

1. It is a contagious disease.

It is wrong that somebody thinks that prostatitis is a contagious disease, it can be said for sure that it would not spread to anybody by anyway. Patients can live their life normally and continue sexual life without passing it on.

2. Suffering from prostatitis means there is inflammation of the prostate only.

This comment is wrong. Conditions are different because there are different types of it. For acute and chronic bacterial prostatitis sufferers, they may have inflammation in their urinary tract too. For other patients who suffer from chronic non-bacterial prostatitis, they may just have signs of inflammation. Detailed examinations are needed to do to seek the inflammatory foundation.

3. Symptoms of prostatitis patients are same.

This comment is not right either. There are three forms of prostatitis, each of them has different symptoms. For acute bacterial prostatitis sufferers, they often have acute urinary tract infection with increased urinary frequency and urgency, they need to urinate a lot at night, and may have feelings like pain, sick, burning when they urinating. Patients get chronic bacterial prostatitis have similar but less severe symptoms as acute bacterial prostatitis sufferers. For patients who suffer from chronic non-bacterial prostatitis, they may have pain in the genital and pelvic area for at least three of the past six months.

4. Prostatitis will increase the risk of prostate cancer.

It is a common misunderstanding of it. The fact is it will not increase the chance of getting prostate cancer though it is a little difficult to be cured.

5. Prostatitis would disappear as time goes by without medication.

This thought is totally wrong and stupid. It is not a small illness like a cold, it must be cured by medicine. Leaving it untreated is very dangerous and may arise other complications such as cystitis and urethritis.

6. Taking antibiotics is the unique and best way to cure prostatitis.

Treatment for prostatitis is multiple and alternative. Except for using antibiotics, there are other treatments to choose, like prostate massage, photothermal treatment and medication with Chinese medicine. Among these treatments, Chinese medicine medication is regarded as the most effective way with zero harm to human body. Popular Chinese medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill works very well in curing prostatitis, it helps many sufferers get rid of their disease. It is made of more than fifty herbs so it is totally natural. It can repair self-immune ability of damaged position. Usually, patients can get their disease cured by constant treatment and the rate of recurring is low after they finish their treatment.

Prostatitis is curable and non-contagious, do not feel too anxious and scared about it.