Things Must Bear in Mind Before You Leave For Hajj And Umrah

Muslims around the world go for Umrah or Hajj throughout the year, such that Tawaf of Ka'aba, Sai in between Safa, and Marwa, the offering of Namaz, Zikr, and recitation of Holy Quran does not stop. As it is the most common wish of the Muslims to perform Hajj and Umrah at least for ones in their lifetime. There are the some of the farz and aspects if you will not perform them then your Umrah or Hajj will not be considered because it is not a trip or tourism but a prayer to Allah Almighty things must bear in mind before you go for Hajj and Umrah or Hajj are as follow,


You must be neat and clean, you must cut hairs, unwanted hairs and take a bath before wearing of the Ihram and you can't use any kind of smell in the state of Ihram, the cleanliness not means to clean the body but also the mind, heart, and thinking.

Miqat place:

It is the place where you have to wear Ihram. After the Miqat place, you then complete your journey to Haram in the state of Ihram. If you will wear the Ihram after the Miqat place then your Umrah or Hajj is not considered. You can wear it before it but not after it.

40 congregation Prayers:

You must bear this in Mind you have to offer the 40 congregation prayer in the masjid-e-haram if you will not offer the 40 prayers in Masjid-E-Haram then your Umrah or Hajj will not be considered. So must bear this in mind it is the condition to be fulfilled.

Tawaf and Sai:

You must do Tawaf it is the obligation or farz to every pilgrim to Mecca. And Sai is the wajeeb if you will not perform this aspect your Umrah or Hajj will not be considered.

Don't be Harsh:

You must not be harsh with the people and you must keep this in mind if you will hurt someone's feeling or fight with any then your Umrah or Hajj will not consider. Because pilgrim to Mecca is the journey to test the patience of a person.

Ziyarah of the Holy Places:

When you pilgrim to Mecca you then do ziyarah of the Holy Places and places where the Holy Prophet (P.B.U.H) and his companions spend their lifetime. The reason for going to Umrah is to make you more close to Islam and its knowledge.

Don't take Pictures:

While you are on Hajj and Umrah you must don't waste your time taking the picture no-doubt taking the picture has the great sins. It is the journey to get the forgiveness so you must not commit the things which are forbidden. If you will do so then it will be an insult to this sacred duty.

Now going to Hajj and Umrah is much easier because Online Umrah visa is easy to get and apply. And remember you must not do the above things when you go for Hajj and Umrah.