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Reasons Why Libraries Are Important In Schools

A school library is a place within the school premises where all sorts of informational books are kept together. It is the store house of knowledge. These books are made available to the students to increase their knowledge and understanding on various subjects such as history, geography, political science, environment, literature, etc.

Top Trends in Education Today

With the increased complexity of today's world - there has been a rapid change in our education system as well. The key aspect of today's education is to prepare students for the real world and their future careers. In an attempt to create awareness about the new methods of learning, we bring you the top trends in education today:

4 Tips to Motivate Your Child for School

Motivating your child for school is not always an easy task. Your child may not be as excited about going to school. However, here we want to tell you there are a few tips that you can use to get your child show some interest in education in the top schools in Navsari, Gujarat.

How Schools Can Raise Environmentally Responsible Kids

Our environment is in a bad phase. Forests are being destroyed, animals are sneaking towards extinction and global warming is at peak. It's not a pretty image; therefore it's important that schools in Gujarat, Mumbai and other parts of the world take the initiative to raise environmentally responsible kids. The change might not happen overnight; however, it can make a difference in the future of the planet.

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