Fun Activities Which Kids Love to do

Nurseries provide a lot of opportunities for children to indulge in a variety of educational as well as fun-filled activities. These activities are sure to have a positive impact in their growing years and also provide a strong foundation for all their future pursuits.

Here are a few summer time fun activities that children love to do:

Art and craft:

Children are ever ready to dabble in a bit of art and craft work. Brushes, paint and crayons are always their best friends that keeps them occupied for hours together. They can be sent to summer art classes if they exhibit a penchant for drawing and painting and would like to explore their talent further. Jumeirah Beach Residence boasts of excellent nurseries that can help your child explore their artistic capabilities.

Fun in the sun:

As much as we would like to, it's tough to tether children indoors for long. Sooner or later they will ask to be taken outside for some outdoor play time. But all is well as long as they get to experience a bit of fresh air in their everyday play time. Few nurseries in JBR have a good understanding of this requirement and have incorporated a well-planned outdoor play structure that children love.


Children are naturally inclined towards music and with a host of music related activities right from their kindergarden times the interest just seems to expand into a well learnt extra-curricular activity. To begin with, children learn a lot through rhymes and songs in their kindergarden classes which can be developed further. A well-equipped music class with qualified teachers play a huge role in identifying particular interests in music. It can be vocal or instrumental with lead or rhythmic areas that a child is spontaneously attracted to. Regular music classes as part of the nursery curriculum is an absolute best option which is available in some well-structured nurseries in Al Manara.

Fun Learnings:

There are plenty of other ways to engage children all through the year. These activities don't just keep them occupied but also enable them to learn something new.

Here are some fun activities that kids absolutely love to indulge in:


Have you noticed how young children are often attracted to the kitchen and the cooking process? And if you happen to dig into their toy boxes, you are sure enough to find that ladle that you have been missing in the kitchen. Cooking is a great way to ensure that children get a sense of what goes into making food. This will also ensure that they cultivate good food habits from early on.


Children are born naturals when it comes to role play. They can very easily adapt to their favorite character and perform to perfection. This talent can easily be transferred to an entertainment form. Ex. Puppet show. Their creative abilities can be tapped and further developed into theater and storytelling.


What better way to engage kids than to make them play ball? And if it turns out to be a universal game like football, then nothing to beat it. Children have an opportunity to learn about team work, perseverance and goals to aim for when they indulge in sports.

Umm Suqeim is not just famed for tourist attractions but is also home for exemplary nurseries that aim at holistic development of kids by offering such fun classes along with regular curriculum to keep children positively engaged.