Study Abroad Problems Facing Indian Students

Indian students are going to different countries like Newzeland, Spain,Italy,Germany, UK, US, Australia etc. the major problem is speaking in English fluently. It is very difficult to overcome the language problem. The usage of English words and phrases may also be different in different countries abroad. there are different standard examinations such as TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language), IELTS,GRE, GMAT that a student has to clear before getting admitted in a foreign university, matching the pace, accent and tone of the foreign counterparts may be very challenging.

Different Culture in Different countries.

Students are going abroad from India for higher studies. Abroad may find a different kind of culture due to different types of food habits , attitudes, life-style, relationships, and many more. This may also facing problem for students who are went to abroad from India. Mostly Indians, mostly they are coming from urban and village areas largely inclined towards Western lifestyle, dressing style , schedule of working , and eating food habits, there may be differences in the various other elements which may be difficult to adjust with.

Financial / Money problems

Who are studying higher studies at abroad is expensive and students may face some financial problems. While considering the cost is associated with study abroad students have to take care of their tuition fee costs and accommodation price and living cost expenses, books and Travelling cost and etc. it is necessary to purchase a personal PC, laptop. help to our self in studying. Coming to money is very important. In case of any emergency it may be difficult to arrange the necessary funds needed to take care of expenses.

Prejudice problem

where the Indian students have may facing the prejudice and discrimination from their abroad country counter parts in the social and academic lives . Students going abroad to studying higher studies and also suffering from exclusion, due to lack of involvement in different groups and based behavior from the overseas students. Even though social discrimination is also not supported by universities.there may be different kind of incidents faced where Indian students may feel humiliated due to neglect and being ignored by the local students.

Sickness of home

Indian students are feeling home sick staying far away from family and friends. The Students who are brought up in a way that they are very close to their parents may find it a tough time to stay alone. Such students may feel lonely and have to learn to manage their emotions in the absence of any close companion. Other petty issues such as variances in time climatic conditions, not finding the Indian food that suits them may make them feel stressed. In such cases, students can indulge themselves in their interest areas such as listening to their favorite music, partying or chatting with their beloved ones during moments of leisure.