Tips to Ease Kindercare Jitters And Fears

It's comprehensible for kids to feel first-day KinderCare anxiety. It's not a nice feeling to suddenly leave the comfortable environment of the home and be introduced to a new environment of private schools for toddlers where everything is different. There are new hopes, activities, and routine, and parents are not there to make a child feel better and reassure him. However, there are some methods that teachers and parents can use to ease kids into KinderCare and help avoid anxiety and fears.

Attach home and School

Some private schools for toddlers organize a meeting for students and teachers before school begins. You can speak to your kid's school authority to arrange a meeting with the teacher before starting KinderCare. Some teachers and caretakers also ask parents to get a family picture to be kept in the classroom to aid children to feel connected to their regular life at home.

Identify his Concerns and Fears

Talk to your kid and identify his exact fear and concerns! Is he worried that you will not be around him or someone in the classroom will be mean to him? Once you get to know about his specific concerns, you will be able to handle his concerns efficiently and work with his teachers to remove his fears.

Send along his Dearest Object

In case your kid has a special toy or a favorite object, ask the teacher if you can send that stuff along with your kid. Many private schools for toddlers have regulation of allowing students to bring their favorite objects to school, however, restrict them to use only in free time. Sometimes, just having an individual object nearby can provide children a sense of protection.

Trust the Teachers

Keep in mind that your kid is not the only one who feels separation fears. Many other children in the classroom also feel the same and teachers have to ease them. Experienced and professional teachers will be prepared with morning routines, games, stories, songs and many other fun activities to take your kid into the swing of things when he is getting adjusted to the new environment. Teachers make each child feel comfortable in the classroom, so don't worry!

Avoid Setting a time Limit

For some children, KinderCare fear may not stay beyond 4-5 days, but for others, school fears and tears may stay longer for a few weeks. Just as every kid has an individual personality and set of feelings and experiences that may be affecting his emotions about school at starting phase, the time it requires to adjust to school will be different from one kid to another.

Try to Reduce your Concerns

It's normal for parents to feel worried and concerned on the first day of kindergarten just like their children. They also feel upset when they see their child worried in his school. And it's clear that they may be a little frustrated when they see other kids are playing and studying happily and their kid is concerned.

You must remember that your child will be accustomed to the new environment and classroom eventually. It may take a little more time for him to be comfortable. Keep in mind that it will happen, so be patient. Children also like to make new friends and play with them.

Read a Relevant book Together

You should read a book with your child about starting KinderCare. Reading and knowing about other kids who might have anxiety and fears about starting their new journey may be relaxing to children who are going through the same feelings.

Don't stay for Long

It's good to reassure your little one that you will be back very soon and say goodbye. Staying for long and lingering around will make it harder for your kid to see you leave, and he will cry more next time as he will notice that it's a great way to make you stay there. It is possible that he will be adjusting and playing happily as soon as you are out of his sight. However, do not hide and run from him as it may weaken your kid's faith and could worsen separation fear.