Keeping a Child With Special Needs Entertained

If you have a child with special needs you will be more than aware of the challenges that can be faced when it comes to keeping them entertained. One of the biggest challenges that needs to be overcome is locating appropriate places that cater for children with disabilities. Below, we have come up with a few suggestions of places that you could visit or things that you could do which hopefully both of you will enjoy.


One great thing about libraries is that they a free to people who have a print disability. Whilst this may not be the best option for all children with special needs, especially if they are a little on the noisy side, they do offer stimulation as well as educating your child at the same time. On top of that, if you are wanting to stay out of the heat, you can certainly do that in a library!


Parks and playgrounds are great places to go with any child and having a disability does not alter this at all. You could go for a picnic, a general run around to burn off some excess energy or you could have a quite sit and relax under the trees watching the world go by. Of course, many parks provide naturally stimulation in the form of wildlife - something that all kids enjoy.


Once again, an option to get out of the heat, museums are fantastic places to explore and learn about new things. Interactive museums are particularly attractive but many will offer tactile exhibits. This may not be an option for everyone but gone are the days when these places were seen as boring!


Most pools these days has facilities are disability-friendly and the changing facilities to cater for these people. Nearly all public pools will have lifeguards but it may be an idea to go with other families as any extra supervision can only be a bonus. This is a cheap, not to mention fun way of keeping children of all ages entertained. Don't forget the sunblock, hats and drinking water!

Supported Playgroups

You are probably aware of Playgroup Australia, an organisation they provides Supported Playgroups that are available to families with special needs, cultural and linguistic challenges as well teenage parents. These are great options for children and can give you a little bit of time to relax and have some "me" time.

Train or Bus Journey

Why not go out on a little adventure on a train or bus? You don't have to go too far but seeing new things can be relaxing for the pair of you. OK, for some children this may be too much of a challenge, whilst others can gain a great deal from the experience.

Tactile Toys

If you would rather stay at home, why not invest in some tactile toys that can provide stimulation as well as entertainment. There a few excellent companies available who have a wide range of toys that can keep a child with special needs occupied for hours.

If you are looking for tactile or educational products for your child with special needs or perhaps you are a carer for a child with a disability, why not look at all the options of toys that are available to keep children entertained?