What Happens on an Average Day at One of Our Wellbeing Hubs?

While many people turn to ECL for the first time in relation to our expertise in Reablement At Home, some of the best elements of our care services - ranging from work-based training to sensory services - come together in what we like to call our Wellbeing Hubs.

As their name suggests, these Hubs serve as a central point for their local community, providing various activities, servicesand facilities toa wide range of people, including those with learning disabilities, dementia, older people and physical disabilities.

Below, we have outlined just some of the activities that take place on an average day at one of our Wellbeing Hubs.

A day of fun, community and learning

The customers at the Hubs may start their day with anything from a cookery class to a spot of gardening. They may then be taken on a nature trail, followed by a lunch outing in a suitably pleasant setting.

These opportunities give people a chance to take part in activities outside the home. The Hubs also offer an opportunity to make new friends, learn new skills and give their carers a break from their role. The Hubsalso create a happy and safe environment for our customers.

Upon returning to the centre, they may part in various games and quizzes, or indulge in a spot of yoga to wind down the day.

Whatever you choose to do on your own visit to an ECL Wellbeing Hub, our activities are offered on a 'pick and mix' basis, and our staff will support and motivate you to participate in the activities that most interest you, based on your personal needs and aspirations.

To fuel your busy day, our cafe serves a wide array of hot and cold meals, drinks and snacks. Some of these dishes may be made and served by people who have worked closely with our work based training team, which supports people with learning disabilities who wish to progress into voluntary or paid employment.

Whatever your requirements, we can cater to them

Of course, we understand that every person who visits our Hubs is a unique individual, whose needs and aspirations may vary greatly from those of any other user of our facilities.