Skill Development Initiatives in India For Youths

Skill development initiatives were launched in India with an aim of training around 40 crore Indians for various skills by the end of 2022. Out of several efforts made by the government, the key projects cover National Skill Development Mission, Pradhan Mantri Kaushal Vikas Yojana and National Policy for Skill Development and Entrepreneurship. Also, the Skill Loan programme was launched to promote the talents and entrepreneurship skills of the youths of our country. It includes especially those who stay in the rural areas, hence, have lesser access to employment opportunities.

Loans for a Limited Time

The schemes are aimed at making India skilled as well as successful by offering incentives or financial rewards to the participants who wish to successfully complete their training. Sometimes, these loans can be extended to the beneficiaries over a period of an ideal five years given to the need. The government recognises and is trying to hone the skills of about 24 lakh youngsters under skill development initiatives in India who do not have formal certification.

For example, you may mostly find workers employed in the wide unorganised sector to be lacking a certificate degree. Here, even small steps count like organising special camps at different locations or rolling out a national campaign to increase reach and build awareness. There is another programme called Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) which assesses and certifies youngsters for the talents they possess.

Exchange Personal Identity and Join

The aspiring trainees get sanction letters other than the awarding of Skill cards and certificates. The trainees usually come out from industrial training institutes including the graduates who receive the job offer letters. They get awards from government and help the trainees to exchange their identity with employers. Through the latest skill India campaign, about 40 crore students are to be trained under its newly launched four initiatives.

Therefore, if you wish to highlight your potential around the world then enrol for the Skill India campaign and prepare yourself to compete with others in this fast-paced world. The skill initiatives are to be specifically scaled up in areas that are facing the financial crunch. For instance, students throughout the nation are receiving training from trainers through a tool of distance learning used at ITIs. These ITIs plan further to deliver directly to students.

The first integrated policy at the national level is for promoting entrepreneurship through development of skills at a larger scale. Though, an effective roadmap is needed to promote entrepreneurship as a key to successful skills strategy. The policy actually envisions creation of an empowerment-based ecosystem for speedy skilling of people with highest possible standards and promotes a culture that offers innovation-based training. Such trainings are focused at generating employment and ensure sustainable livelihoods for all.