Comparison Between Visual Analytics And Tableau Software

Visual analytics is the form of data visualization. Generally, data is displayed in a graphical manner. It is used to represent effective, the understanding format of data. Visual analytics is used to solve large and complex data sets. This is the memory visualization and reporting tool. The main objective of visual analytics is to develop the best solution with interaction techniques. It has some important aspects. These are,

What Is Tableau?-

Tableau is one of the important business intelligence software. It is the data analyzing tool that is used to connect to the data. It creates graphs, charts and dashboards. Not only dashboards but also it is used to create worksheets. Most of the companies have a large amount of data. For maintain these data, you must use this software. . It allows you data blending as well as real-time data collaboration.

Features Of Tableau:-

The tableau has various features. Five important features are,

Features Of New Version Tableau:-

The new version tableau has several updated features. Also, it has many unique features that are divided into three categories. These are,

Analytics feature:-

Reporting features:-

Support features:-

Visual Analytics Vs Tableau:-

The installation process of visual analytics takes too much time and the process is large. The installation process of tableau is very easy. The rank of tableau software is 1st position in BI tools and visual analytics has the 11th position. Visual analytics supports internal ETL development. Tableau does not support. The visual analytics has the ability to handle a large amount of data. Tableau handles a small amount of data. The output of visual analytics does not support color outputs. By using tableau, you can get color outputs. Visual analytics has a dashboard that has multiple tabs. Tableau software's dashboard can tell a story.